Blow Factory

Whites Frames

Video/mapping installation that plays with squares forms, 3D spaces and conceptual images

An stylish and striking installation. Blowshe are Paula Guastella, Federica Marrone and Stefania Sole.

Exhibitions and Festivals


  • BARCELONA, Spain
  • 28/02/2011: Sala Razzmatazz. The Chemistry Show.
  • 18/04/2011: Cafe Royale. Visual Royale.
  • 30/05/2011: Cafe Royale. Art, Advertisement, Cultural proffesional’s Cocktel.
  • 1-2/07/2011: Visual Brasil. Permanent Installation.[/squarelist]
  • CRAN MONTANA, Switzerland
  • 16/10/2010: Caprises Inauguration.